DARIO DESIGNS is an international architectural and operational consulting firm specializing in markets such as educational; commercial; multi-family residential; senior living; media/printing; warehousing; and distribution.

Our unique residential and commercial stacking analysis consulting considers operational costs, construction costs, schedule, and enhanced revenue. This analysis has both saved and generated millions of dollars for our clients. Consolidation, outsourcing, production modeling, staffing, and total ROI analysis are additional consulting areas of expertise.

DARIO DESIGNS is recognized as THE BEST MEDIA ARCHITECTURAL FIRM IN THE WORLD. Our attention to operational details, methodology, and project delivery methods has transferred over into all of the markets we serve where we strive to bring our projects in under budget and ahead of schedule.

DARIO DESIGNS recognizes aesthetics as important, but unlike many architects, we also recognize that scope, cost, schedule, function, efficiency, durability, environmental sensitivity, and flexibility may be equally if not more important to our clients. The key here is to listen to our client and make their priorities our priority.



Dario Designs strives to provide the highest quality service by meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations. Our mission is to focus on quality and to listen. We endeavor to provide a work-hard, play-hard atmosphere where we take our work seriously, but not each other. Integrity, a positive attitude, and intelligence are what we look for in our people and what we take pride in offering to our clients.