Dario DiMare, the founder of Dario Designs Inc., was raised in Ashtabula, Ohio, where he entered KENT STATE UNIVERSITY and graduated with honors. He worked during college as a mucker tunneling under Lake Erie and held two other jobs to pay for a semester of study in Florence, Italy. After his studies, DiMare headed east around the world with a backpack, tent, and eight dollars a day, gathering information pertinent to the evolution of architecture.

DiMare was recruited right out of Kent State by The Austin Company, based in Cleveland. He spent 11 years with Austin, WINNING A COMPETITION to design Austin’s own Eastern District Headquarters. Although DiMare worked with clients in other industries, by the end of his tenure at Austin, he became, and still is, NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED for his work in the media industry.

DiMare had two things going for him when he set out solo. Dow Jones & Co. Inc. (THE WALL STREET JOURNAL) awarded him a multi-year contract to modify all of its print facilities nationwide to print full color for the first time. More generally, media companies of all sizes started to build again after a gradual recovery from their worst recession in 50 years.

In less than two years, DiMare added two people. The next year included four more. The company continued to double in people and revenues for several years. This pattern continued until Dario Designs and its consultants totaled more than 100 people.

DiMare attributes the company’s success to providing the best service in the industry. This service is based upon a core principle that DiMare has always practiced and believed: “IF WE DO WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF OUR CLIENTS, IT WILL PROVE TO BE IN OUR OWN BEST INTEREST IN THE LONG RUN.”